When WRIGHT MIND uses "Sales" we are referring specifically to tangible items sold for consumption and use. Although property is tangible as well, we refer to "Property" as distinct from "Sales" though there is some overlap between the two. The purpose of property, through ownership or stewardship, is to conserve, replenish or restore and not consume. "Sales" also differs from our concept of "Services." Services are "assets" that do not have physical or material properties. Services sell things with ideological value such as security, survival or time. In the current business world, the term "sales" is used when referring to the selling of both tangible and intangible goods, however WRIGHT MIND distinguishes between the two. Both "Sales" and "Services" have a more economic objective but do not necessarily have to be for the purposes of capital gain and monetary reinforcement. For instance, we sell tangible items and also offer intangible services such as managing and consulting to others who sell tangible items. All of WRIGHT MIND's tangible assets come through business acquisitions and below is a link to the "Sales" of those assets.

Business Acquisition Sales Link


WRIGHT MIND's goal is to promote ethics and morals in all areas of business. We do this by providing management and consulting services in areas including but not limited to; industry, property, finance, arts, entertainment, music, sales and services. We encourage invention and innovation in a moral and ethical way that still promotes progression and advancement without the "at all costs" mentality that can exist in the world of business and "self interest" economics. We seek to empower the business Mind to make the positive mentality changes on its own.

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