When WRIGHT MIND uses "Services" we are referring to intangible items provided from one entity to another entity. Services are to pull away from the traditional industry of production and focus more on the ideologies that those industries are attempting to create with material production. It is true that most service oriented businesses heavily rely on material production, for instance an SEO company provides the service of optimizing a website on servers that probably already exist, however an SEO company still relies on its own computers, servers, tangible products, etc. to efficiently produce results for the existing website. Both "Sales" and "Services" have a more economic objective when used by businesses but services do not necessarily have to be for the purposes of capital gain and monetary reinforcement. The term "service" has an altruistic connotation to it in society and that should be the drive of any social service and particularly a service-based business. If capital is to be generated, than the service-based business should be reducing the material production that previously generated that industry's capital. If there is not a decrease in production for the service then it is really just creating another industry. Ultimately the concept of capital could even be considered an ideological "product" that is not based in any material production outside the "service" that the ideological capital provides. So if money isn't being used for "service", eventually it would not need to exist in the WRIGHT MIND.




WRIGHT MIND's goal is to promote ethics and morals in all areas of business. We do this by providing management and consulting services in areas including but not limited to; industry, property, finance, arts, entertainment, music, sales and services. We encourage invention and innovation in a moral and ethical way that still promotes progression and advancement without the "at all costs" mentality that can exist in the world of business and "self interest" economics. We seek to empower the business Mind to make the positive mentality changes on its own.

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