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Wright Mind's primary training focus is in the area of communication. Some of the earliest written communications between civilizations were business transactions. You can find cuneiform inventory records, on Ancient Sumerian tablets, pre-dating most any other written records we have. It goes without saying about the importance of communication in the business world. This is why most people studying business have cross training in communication classes and most people studying communications have cross training in business classes. Every kind of communication has its own language and business is no exception.

Numbers are often referred to as the language of business. Whether it is in the form of; accounting, statistics, or mathematics, numbers provide the most accurate information in business decision making. With advances in technology, the way we compute these numbers is becoming increasingly fast and efficient. Everyday, business transactions become more and more technical. Likewise, we must stay ahead of the technology, or at least up to date, to compete. The way in which a business can effectively communicate will ultimately determine the survival of the business. Communication is essential.

The above paragraphs are the driving force behind the innovative and fast pace business world we live in. Communicating numbers quickly and accurately is very important in business. However, businesses are not made-up of numbers; businesses are made-up of people and they are made-up by people. The true business communication is not that of numbers and transactions, but it is the communication of one person to another person. When a business loses the ability to communicate effectively with another person; the business has failed. A study of communication informs that to efficiently communicate you must be able to effectively deliver your argument and accurately receive the "other argument." Numbers, quite frequently, are deaf to the "other argument."

No matter how fast or advanced a communication transaction may be, we should never undermine the effectiveness of personal communication in the business world. Losing the ability to interpret the "other argument" is a communication failure and it will eventually become a business failure. Businesses are only people. It does not work the other way around when we see people only as business.

The links on these Communication pages are for communication purposes of WRIGHT MIND LLC. Use these web pages as a resource for you to communicate with us in whatever way you may need. Provide us with the method(s) that you feel is the most appropriate way for you to communicate, and we will try to communicate along those paths. We are people; people who have written the text you are reading and people whose goals and ideas are being projected in the form of a business name. We thank YOU for YOUR business.



WRIGHT MIND's goal is to promote conscious ethics and morals in all areas of business. We do this by providing business management and consulting services in all areas including, but not limited to; industry, property, finance, art, music, entertainment, sales and services. We encourage invention and innovation in a moral and ethical way that still promotes progression and advancement without the "at all costs" mentality that can exist in the world of business and "self interest" economics. This is business done WRIGHT!

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