Networks and networking are essential parts of business communication. WRIGHT MIND encourages any business to constantly improve and expand their network. It is up to the business to select and maintain a quality network. A network that is too exclusive can miss out on potential progression opportunities and appear limited. A network that is too open can come across as impersonal or mass marketed. It is a fine art to be able to increase a network while maintaining the valuable relationships with those in the current network. Each business is different in regards to the size of a network they can achieve while continuing and excelling in the quality of their current network.

Business networks and the networking process should be regularly evaluated and revised if necessary. Functional network links should be beneficial to both the business and that link in the network. Weak links should be eliminated with an open return invitation; and strong links should be reinforced in a way that mutually enhances the relationship.

WRIGHT MIND has provided some locations of our networks for businesses looking to advance.


WRIGHT MIND's goal is to promote conscious ethics and morals in all areas of business. We do this by providing business management and consulting services in all areas including, but not limited to; industry, property, finance, art, music, entertainment, sales and services. We encourage invention and innovation in a moral and ethical way that still promotes progression and advancement without the "at all costs" mentality that can exist in the world of business and "self interest" economics. This is business done WRIGHT!

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